Folding fan that colors summer

Written by 朱SHU.


Posted on June 24, 2021

There are many hot and humid days in Japan! 

Why don't you spend the hot and humid summer in Japan comfortably with a colorful folding fan that makes you feel good?

Folding fans, which are popular as one of the summer fashion items, have been attracting attention in recent years as eco-friendly items.

Here are some recommended folding fans that are very active in this season!

[Multicolored fan (¥ 3,300)]

By dyeing the bones of the fan in two colors, the fan uses three colors to match the fan surface.

The large tassel that sways every time you look up is impressive.

There are 3 patterns of colors: [Pink x Red x Navy] [Yellow x Navy x Green] [Beige x Green x Orange].

The simple but vivid color scheme is a design that has an impact that is comparable to the summer sunshine ♩

The most popular folding fan in SHU.!

[Kemari Fan (¥ 3,850)]

The decorative ball that is attached to the ribs is impressive, and when unfolded, the line with the rolling ball is drawn, which is a story-like design.

Embroidery is used for the line of the fan surface, and pure silk temari made of Kyo braid is used for the decorative ball.

There are two colors, "Silver Nezu" with a calm gray and a cool light blue line, and "Yamabuki" with a bright yellow that makes your hands gorgeous.

Even though it's simple, it's a little playful and cute, making it fun to carry around ♩

[Okayama Denim Fan (¥ 7,150)]

Folding fan using red ear selvedge 8oz denim from Okayama denim maker "Japan Blue".

The red-eared selvedge is a stitched part where the edges of the fabric are frayed with red thread, and is a proof of the commitment made with a traditional power loom.

A slightly larger size that suits the big hands of men, the non-washed dark indigo blue suits both suits and casual wear.

Because it is a durable fabric of Okayama denim, it is also useful for outdoor events such as outdoors and live performances.

It comes in a paulownia box with a luxurious feel that is perfect for gifts ♩

Fashionable kimono accessories of all ages are also recommended for summer gifts and presents.



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