Summer gift idea

Written by 朱SHU.


Posted on July 25, 2021

In Japan, it is customary to give summer gifts at this time of the year, which is half the year! 

Would you like to give a midyear gift or a summer gift to your boss, seniors, friends, and parents who are always indebted to you for your summer greetings?

We have a lot of products that are perfect for gifts that will surely please you!

1) Coffee gift

Coffee that everyone will be pleased with is especially recommended as a summer gift.

The coffee beans used in Vermillion-cafe. have a good balance of bitterness and acidity, so they are perfect not only for black iced coffee, but also for cafe au lait with milk or for coffee floats with ice cream!

If you want to give it to coffee lovers, you can set a coffee server or mug with coffee beans.

It looks like you'll be looking forward to your daily coffee time.

ZERO JAPAN | Free Cup Turtle Shell Penetration (¥ 935)

torch | Coffee server Pitchii (¥ 2,585)

2) Sake-ware

Many people give or receive sake or beer as a general summer gift in Japan.

When you drink a lot of sake or beer, if you drink it in a nice glass, the taste will be outstanding.

Sghr Sugahara's sake set, which has a studio in Chiba prefecture, is very beautiful, and beer glass that specializes in enjoying the characteristics of beer to the fullest, and sake set that uses black glass that requires advanced technology, etc. , You can enjoy your usual alcohol more deliciously and specially.

Sghr Sugahara |
Kanazawa Guinomi S 2 pieces (¥ 6,600)

Kanazawa Tokkuri (¥ 4,520)

COEDO × Sghr Sugahara likka (¥ 3,520)

COEDO × Sghr Sugahara nido (¥ 3,300)

3) Digital gift card

If you don't know what the other person likes, the digital gift card available at SHU. Online Store is the best choice.

It is a gift card that allows the gifted person to choose what they like.

An email with a gift card will be sent to the person who made the purchase, so you can easily give it as a gift by forwarding it to the person you want to give it to, or by sending a screenshot of the ID screen.

SHU. ONLINE STORE Digital Gift Card (¥ 5,500 ~)

We also have many other products that are perfect for gifts!

Why don't you give a special gift to your family, friends, bosses and seniors at work with the feeling of "always thank you"?



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