Garabou Regular Length Socks


Charcoal heather


Garabou is a spinning method developed uniquely in Japan.

It was invented in the Edo period (1603-1868) as a method to mechanically spin Japanese cotton with short fiber length.

There are only a few garabou spinning machines left in Japan today.

It retains heat and doesn't get stuffy, so it is recommended for those who are sensitive to cold as a way of coping with air conditioning during summer.

Thick and with a cushioned sinking feeling when walking, these socks do not tire the user, and are recommended to those who have to walk a lot for sports or work.

Coming in regular length, these socks pair well with a variety of clothes.

[ Product details ]

Color: 3colors / Unbleached, charcoal grain, Indigo

Size: 22~24cm (Ladies) approx. 21 cm from the heel

25~27cm (Mens) approx. 25 cm from the heel

(*Measured on flat place. Please be aware that there may be a slight difference in size from the indicated size.)

Thickness: thick

Material: Organic cotton95%, nylon3%, polyurethane2% (made in Japan)

[Product notes]

This product is made from uneven threads made of organic cotton waste.

Each piece has a different look, so items with the same look are paired by hand.

In addition, the same color and pattern of the same product may not appear as shown in the photo.

Please understand that this phenomenon is unavoidable due to the production technique.