Mixed Color Pencil (10 pieces included)


Inspired by the technique of a picture book writer, this two-color pencil with rich texture is made from two colors of KOKUYO.

Picture book author Koshiro Hata's carefully selected color matching makes it easy to enjoy beautiful overlapping colors.

If you use mixed colored pencils, you will naturally get deeper and deeper just by drawing as usual, and you will feel like you have become better at drawing!

There will also be interest and discoveries about color.

The thick, soft core and thick axis make it easy for children to hold with their small hands and draw smoothly.

These colored pencils are also designed to be comfortable to draw with, so that children can expand their imagination and have fun.

[ Product details ]

Set contents: 2 colors mixed color thick axis pencil x 10, pencil sharpeners with thick axis x 1

Color: Red, vermilion, yellow pink, orange-yellow, ocher, green, blueish green, blue, brown, gray

Size: W122xH143mm (Made in Japan)