Daily Mist (300ml)


The antibacterial surface spray "Daily Mist" is a multi-purpose spray that is also used in medical institutions.

99.99% removal of bacteria and viruses by simply spraying on cooking utensils such as cutting boards and kitchen knives (* 1).

The raw materials are all food-derived, such as grapefruit seed extract and brewed alcohol.

It can also be used on dry cutting boards and sinks with water droplets on it, without the need to wash or wipe after spraying.

It can be stored for a long period of 2 years maintaining the same effect as a new one.

In addition, as the alcohol content is low and mildly acidic, it is also safe for people with rough hands.

Recommended for those who want strong anti-virus measures as easily as possible, even during busy household chores.

* 1 Not all bacteria and viruses can be removed.

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Contents: 300ml

Ingredients: Grapefruit seed extract (GSE), brewed alcohol, phytic acid, purified water (Made in Japan)