Mini Mask Case





Yuzen washi Japanese paper mask cases are ideal for keeping your mask when you need to take it off for a moment.

This particular case is in mini size, where you fold the mask in half. 

As it can also be washed by hand, it can be reused hygienically.

The outside uses wrinkled momi yuzen washi paper, and the inside features ”Cleanse” anti-viral material.

The yuzen washi used in these mask cases is hand-dyed piece by piece by skilled artisans, exuding a warmth that only hand crafting can provide.

The ”Cleanse” anti-viral material used for the case interior features processing technology that strongly adheres the “Etak” immobilized antibacterial component to the fiber surface. 

Etak was developed based on study of antiseptics used for treatment and cleaning of the oral cavity.

As a result, Cleanse eliminates at least 99% of specified viruses in the fibers. It has been shown to be effective against certain viruses as well as around 20 types of microorganisms, including MRSA and E. coli.

Cleanse also inhibits the growth of bacteria such as Moraxella osloensis and Staphylococcus aureus on fibers; bacteria which are said to be a cause of “half-dried smell.”

The entire mask case also has excellent washing durability.

These days, a mask has become a necessity when leaving the house.

One of these stylish mask cases would make the perfect thoughtful gift.

[ Product details ]

Design: 5 colors / MC-5, MC-7, MC-9, MC-12, MC-14

Size: 136x112mm

Material: Outside: Momi yuzen washi (wrinkled Japanese paper), Inside: Cleanse (anti-viral material) (Made in Kyoto, Japan)

[Product notes]

・Made from the same fabric, but the pattern may differ depending on where the fabric is used. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

・Since they are all made by hand, the size, color, and texture may vary.

[Care instructions] 

Washing: By hand only.

Wash by gently pressing the mask case into diluted neutral detergent. Rinse, wipe off any moisture, and hang out of direct sunlight in a well-ventilated area.