Bamboo Lunch box



This rectangular lunch box is made of laminated bamboo.

The wood is laminated with bamboo and shaped into a board, with craftsmen carefully assembling each box one by one.

The simple design, moderately thick rim, and continuous bamboo pattern are beautiful, and the warmth of natural materials can be felt in this lunch box.Root bamboo is used for the one point of the band.

The dividing board inside is removable.

【Product Details】

Material: Laminated bamboo with urethane coating

Size: 10.5cm width x 15cm diameter x 5cm height

Capacity: Approx. 500ml 

Attachment: 1 divider board with band


・Microwave oven: × Dishwasher: ×

・When washing, use a soft sponge and neutral detergent.

・Do not use a scrubber or abrasive detergent, as they may scratch or damage the product.

・After washing, thoroughly wipe off moisture with a soft cotton cloth and dry in a well-ventilated place.

・Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid deformation and discoloration.