Sumo Tournament


Kimura Shonosuke, the stable master of the sumo referee who has been active in the sumo world for 50 years, explains in an easy-to-understand way! 

With this book, you can read about everything from how to buy tickets to the history of sumo, as if you were watching sumo with a stable master. 

This book is very popular among overseas tourists even at our brick-and-mortar stores (SHU.)! 

English translation by David Shapiro, commentator of NHK’s GRAND SUMO A sumo referee's view of anecdotes from the world of sumo.

Basic knowledge about the history of sumo and winning and prohibited tricks. 

Life and practice of sumo wrestlers in a sumo stable. Introducing famous sumo matches, anecdotes from the past and a delicious and healthy chanko recipe!

*34th generation Shonosuke Kimura and Katsuji Ito, from Edogawa Ward, Tokyo. 

He served as Shonosuke Kimura from the May Tournament in 2007 to the March Tournament in 2008 when he retired. At present, he is engaged in lecture activities using IT, a field in which he excels. 

Supervised books include "Sumo Master Lesson Book" published by Oizumi Shoten in 2015, and "Illustrated Anatomy of the Grand Sumo Tournament" published by X-Knowledge in 2016. 

*David Shapiro, English commentator of GRAND SUMO by NHK General. 

Also regularly appears on NHK’S WORLD SPORTS JAPAN program.

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Publisher: SEIGENSHA

Language: English, Japanese

Size: 144x189mm / 90p

Issue date: September 2017