Handcrafted Cast Iron Kettle


White oak

Thanks to its traditional finishing techniques, this kettle can eliminate virtually all of the chlorine typically found in tap water, providing mellow, odorless and delicious boiling water.

In addition, the material naturally releases iron molecules, providing a mineral your body needs every day.

Enjoy a superior tea experience with added benefits for your family's health!

The kettle bottom is flat to increase heat conductivity while also providing the optimum base area for induction cooktops.

As well as induction cooktops, this design can also be used over an open flame.

[ Product details ]

Color: 2 colors / White oak, Walnut

Size: 157x176x158mm (included handle) / 1.2L

Material: Body: cast iron / Handle & Knob: plywood

(Yamagata-style casting / Made in Japan)

Scope of use: Open fire ✔︎/ Induction cooktops ✔︎