ハレトケ from Fillyjonk

Torii Necklace Gold


A necklace in the shape of torii gates.
Torii gates symbolize the entrance to the spiritual realm.

While there are various theories, it is generally thought that in Japan, people have passed through torii to express gratitude and prayers since the Nara period (710-794).

In our shop in Fushimi Inari, which is famous for Senbon Torii gates, it is a very popular accessory as a good luck charm and souvenir.

Fillyjonk is an accessory brand developed by two people with different backgrounds in architecture and sculpture.

It is designed and produced by another label, Haretoke.

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[ Product details ]
Color: Gold
・Pendant: 13x13mm
・Necklace chain: 40cm
・Box: W60xD60xH30mm
Material: Silver925 is coated with K18 yellow gold (Made in Japan)

*Delivered in a special box.
*Please note that the design of the box cannot be specified.

[Care instructions: gold]
When not in use, put in a sealed bag such as a Ziploc bag to avoid contact with air and prevent color loss.
*Under no circumstances use silver cleaning solution or cloth because the coating will come off.