Matcha Bowl Large A


These Mino ware teacups are hand-crafted by skilled artisans.

The vibrant colors pop out in a way that appeals to overseas visitors.

No two cups are ever exactly the same, as the color and density of the glaze as well as how the glaze crackles gives each item a uniquely different expression.

Each and every cup is a masterpiece which exudes the warmth unique to genuine hand crafting, and which its owner will cherish forever.

The matchawan cups are very popular with customers from both Japan and overseas at the SHU. Kyoto store.

Perfect as a gift as well as for your own tea.

As a gift, we recommend creating a set with a tea whisk.

→Fugetsu Kobo / Resin Chasen Ivory

[ Product details ]

Color: 2 colors / Blue, Black

Size: Φ115×H83mm Material: Ceramic (Mino ware / Made in Japan)

Scope of use: Microwave ✔︎/ Dishwasher - 

*Since they are all made by hand, the size, color, and texture may vary.