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Aroma wood



When oil is dripped onto the product, a scent wafts outward together with the aroma of wood. As it uses no fire or electricity, it can be used safely anywhere. It is bordered with an auspicious tortoise-shell pattern inspired by the tortoise that, along with the crane, is a symbol of long life in Japan, creating the perfect gift for a special occasion.

This piece of aroma wood allows you to experience the delicate beauty of Kumiko craftwork finished with a plain wood veneerOnce the aroma oil penetrates the wood, a pleasant fragrance is given off as the oil diffuses into the airWe recommend placing this item at your doorstep or near your desk. How to handle aroma wood (made of Yellow cedar).

【Product Details】
Material: Yellow cedar
Size : 130mm Diameter, 13mm Thickness

・Box size : 115mm×165mm, 35mm Thickness
・Pottery stand size : 40mm Diameter, 15mm Thickness
・Aroma oil : 5ml

-Add 2 to 3 drops of aroma oil along the edge of the wood for a fragrance that lasts around 2 to 3 days.

-Avoid using colored aroma oil such as citrus-based oil or adding an excessive amount of aroma oil at once as doing so may result in stains.

-Please note that the wood will take on a darker tone in areas where the oil is applied. To maintain the quality of the product, do not apply aroma oil to areas other than its edge, as doing so may result in the expansion or contraction of the wood and compromise its quality.

-If you notice the wood becoming tacky as a result of the oil, use a slightly damp piece of cloth that is well wrung out to wipe off the oil before wiping the area with a dry piece of cloth. Do not wash the wood with water.

-As this item does not require fire or electric power to operate, you can use it anywhere with peace of mind. While the fragrance given off is not as intense as that of an electric diffuser, you can look forward to enjoying the oil's gentle fragrance mixed with the natural scent of wood that permeates the air each time there is a light breeze or when people move around.

【How to handle Kumiko craftwork】
-Keep Kumiko craftwork away from fire, and do not place it in humid or wet areas.

-Do not subject it to any strong impact and avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. - Since wood is a natural material, the grain and color of the wood may vary across individual items-The use of plain wood in Kumiko craftwork may cause its color to evolve naturally over time, allowing you to look forward to owning a piece of personalized Kumiko craftwork that reflects the course of your own life.

【What is Kumiko craftwork?】
Kumiko is a traditional Japanese craftsmanship technique that was handed down from the Asuka period. This technique is said to have given rise to over 200 different traditional patterns that are created by carefully assembling small pieces of wood. Each pattern is painstakingly crafted with the artisan's heart and soul, making Kumiko craftwork a popular form of art for centuries. Becoming a professional Kumiko craftsman requires over 10 years of training, as even a deviation of 0.1mm can affect the quality of the final work created using this highly intricate technique.