The world of origami, where 3D objects can be created just by folding a single piece of paper, also provides a stimulating method to deepen children’s knowledge of the world.

Famous origami artist Michael both introduces children to the joy of origami and designs origami kits for children to provide an opportunity to learn about Japanese culture.

You can fold traditional Japanese origami such as omikuji, lotus flower, carp, and cranes by referring to the attached booklet.

A total of 12 origami models, ranging from simple to somewhat difficult, are suitable for all children, from beginners to intermediate, regardless of age or skill.

The 12 beautifully designed double-sided origami models are fun to fold, tempting to decorate, and will keep children engaged and playing.

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Set contents: Folding guide book(48p), 72 sheets of Japanese pattern origami paper

Author: Michael G. LaFosse

Publisher: TUTTLE Publishing

Language: English

Size: 187x187mm (Box Kit)

Issue date: May 2017