YURI SNOW (Little / Snow)



This white, hardened porcelain dish enhances all kinds of food.

Inspired by an ancient Japanese pattern, this dish is shaped like the outline of a flower. 

“Snow”, made by the yakishime process, is characterized by its matte texture that makes the most of the clay surface.

The colors of the food are beautifully showcased.These products can be used in both dishwashers and microwave ovens.

Each piece is wrapped in special packaging, making it a great gift.

The “Little” is suitable for use as a plate for nuts and other snacks, condiments, and sauce.

The “Small” size is useful as a plate for serving snacks and sweets.


【Please check before purchase】

Iron particles contained in the raw materials and grinding marks from the finishing process may appear on the surface of the plate, but there is no problem in using it.

If the dish is left for a long time with food on it, it may become stained. If you wish to keep the pure white color of the product for a longer period of time, we recommend that you apply a stain stopper. 



Material: Porcelain (Kyoyaki/Kiyomizuyaki) 

Size: 95mm diameter 

Weight: 75g 

Microwave: ○ Dishwasher: ○ Oven: ×


Material: Porcelain (Kyoyaki/Kiyomizuyaki) 

Size: 150mm in diameter 

Weight: 112g Microwave: ○ Dishwasher: ○ Oven: ×

*Size and weight are approximate dimensions.