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SHU. ONLINE STORE Digital gift card



To your dearest family, friends, and people who you thank and appreciate, how about sending a SHU. ONLINE STORE Digital gift card?

It is a gift card that allows them to choose the product they want by themselves.

[How to send a digital gift card]
・After purchasing a digital gift card, an email with the digital gift card will be sent to purchaser. If you wish to send them away, please forward the email to the person or take a screenshot of the gift ID screen and send it to the person you wanted to send.

[How to use a digital gift card]
・To redeem your digital gift card, please enter the ID code in the discount code column in the cart and proceed to checkout.

[Terms and Condition on purchasing and using digital gift cards]
・A digital gift card that can only be used at this online store.
・A digital gift card is not returnable to cash. In addition, refund or cancellation of the digital gift card after purchase is not available.
・The gift card will be deducted from the total price of the shopping order including the product price, consumption tax, shipping fee and gift wrapping fee if you wish to wrap the product. (*For overseas shipping, shipping fee will be charged for each shipping country area regardless of the total purchase price.)
・If the total amount of your shopping order exceeds the card balance, settlement will be needed for the difference by credit card or PayPal payment.
・The remaining card balance can be used until the balance is finished or by entering the same gift ID incorrectly. Balance of the card together can be used together with credit card or PayPal payment.
・The validation of the digital gift card is 3 months from the date of purchase.