Father's Day Gift

Written by 朱SHU.


Posted on May 20, 2021

After Mother's Day, Father's Day comes in the next month!

Here are the four recommended products for Father's Day from us:)

1) Coffee beans 

For fathers who drinks coffee every day, how about giving them the original blended coffee beans from our sister store, Vermillion-cafe.

This blend coffee is adjusted and roasted by "WEEKENDERS COFFEE" in Kyoto accordingly to the season and the condition of the beans at that time. The richness and sweetness-like bitter sweet chocolate that spreads throughout your mouth from the moment you drink, and the gorgeous smell of that comes out of your nose is characterized by its aroma and sharp acidity.

▶ ︎Vermillion | House Blend Coffee Beans / ¥ 1,447- ¥ 3,618

2) Sake cup

A sake cup is a cup that we Japanese use when drinking sake.

It's a glass with a mysterious design that makes you feel like you have a drink in it, and is recommended for fathers who like sake.

You can use it not only as a sake cup but also as a small bowl for snacks!

It also come in a set of two sake cups and a tokkuri of the same series ◎

▶︎Sghr Sugahara | Duo Small Bowl・Sake Cup / ¥ 2,200

▶︎Sghr Sugahara | Duo Tokkuri / ¥ 3,850

3) Bracelet

For a fashionable father, how about Yakurikitei's original bracelet, which has the same beautiful vermilion color as Fushimi Inari's Torii Gates.

The sharp vermilion color adds an accent to calm colors such as black and navy that we know most guys love ◎

Vermillion | Original bracelet / ¥ 2,530

4) Socks

For fathers who often walk around for sports and work, we recommend ORGANIC GARDEN's Garabou regular length socks.

Garabou socks that use spinning technology devised during the Edo period. 

They are thick and have a feeling as if you are walking on a sponge, so you don't get tired easily.

ORGANIC GARDEN | Garabou regular length socks / ¥ 2,750- ¥ 3,080

Apart from all the four products that we had mentioned above, you can also look for products that suit your gather's taste, such as beer glass, which is a staple of Father's Day; a mug that is recommended for that comes in a set with coffee beans or the Okayama denim fan that tickles the man's heart.



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