About overseas shipping

* Please note that delivery to the following countries is not possible in accordance with the regulations of Yamato Transport International.

《Asia》 China, Philippines, Mongolia, India

《North America / Central America》 Canada, Mexico

《South America》 Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela

《Europe》 Portugal, Russia

《Middle East》 Qatar, Saudi Arabia

※Please note that we do not accept orders depending on the country for some brands products.

・1616/arita Japan:We do not accept orders from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, Korea and China as there are dealer available for these countries. 

・NAGAE+:Purchases are limited to orders from whiten Japan only.

For overseas shipping, the following shipping fees will be charged accordingly on the destination, weight and size of the package.

* If you live in Japan and wish to have it delivered overseas, please contact us from here before purchasing.


●Size 60 (0~2kg)・・・・・・・・・・・・2,050 yen
●Size 80 (more than 2kg~below 5kg)・・・3,450 yen

[Oceania, North America, Central America]

●Size 60 (0~2kg)・・・・・・・・・・・・2,750 yen
●Size 80 (more than 2kg~below 5kg)・・・4,650 yen

[ Europe and Middle East]

●Size 60 (0~2kg)・・・・・・・・・・・・3,200 yen
●Size 80 (more than 2kg~below 5kg)・・・5,350 yen

[Africa and South America]

 ●Size 60 (0~2kg)・・・・・・・・・・・・6,300 yen

●Size 80 (more than 2kg~below 5kg)・・・14,400 yen

※Shipping fee will be adjusted to the larger weight size. 

Example ・Size 60 (more than 2kg) →Size 80 price     

     ・Size 80 (less than 2kg) →Size 80 price

※In case of the weight is larger than the above, please contact us in advance and we will calculate them beforehand.

Size 60・・・Size of a box with a total height of 60cm or less

Size 80・・・Size of a box with a total height of 80cm or less.

【Payment methods】

For overseas shipping, we accept Paypal or Credit-card as the payment method. (Bank Transfer is not available.)

● Credit card
All credit cards with the JCB, VISA, master, and Diners American Express marks can be used.


  ◆Already owned a PayPal account

Select Checkout in your shipping cart → Select "PayPal" as payment method → Click "Confirm Order" → Login to your PayPal account.

 ◆Do not owned a PayPal account

Please choose either one of the payment method.

A) Register a PayPal account for payment.

Select Checkout/ Payment in your shopping cart → Select “Paypal” as payment method→ Click “Confirm Order” → Register to create a new Paypal account from Paypal Login page and continue your payment.

B)Pay by credit card without creating a new PayPal account.
You can order from us directly by sending us an email through the “Contact us” page. After confirmation, we will get back to you with full payment details.