Gift Wrapping

About gift wrapping

Gift wrapping is available for 350 yen per packet.

・On the cart confirmation screen, please check the "Gift wrapping desired" checkbox.
・Alternatively, please select "Add to Cart" from the gift wrapping screen.

If you wish to have gift wrapping, please tick in "Gift Wrapping" on the right side of the cart, and if necessary, fill in the wrapping details in the remarks column (see below) and proceed to checkout.

If multiple items are included in a single order, please fill in the details of their wrapping methods in the “Remarks” field on the right-hand side of the Shopping Cart page.

Example order of 2 mugs (navy blue and yellow) and 1 teapot
[Example 1]If you wish to put all items together in a “gift assortment”.
⇒In the Remarks column, please note down “Wrap all products in a gift assortment.”

[Example 2] If you wish to gift-wrap only 2 items
⇒ In the Remarks column, please note down“Wrap one mug (navy blue) and the teapot in a gift assortment. Do not wrap the other mug (yellow). ”

※There will be only one delivery per every transaction, if the delivery address is different for every wrapping, please makena separate payment. Please note that shipping fee will be charged for each delivery.

Wrapping materials

We will wrap products using the best method according to their size and shape, so please leave it to us! For products as sets which are originally in set boxes, they will use the box as indicated on the product page.

*Depending on the weight and shape of the product, it may not be possible to offer gift wrapping. In such cases, we will contact you for confirmation. Thank you for your understanding.

Handbag for handing over

We do not provide free shopping bags for giving our products to others.
<We ask for your cooperation in our efforts to protect the global environment.>

If you would like a shopping bag,please add it from here to your cart. (We will select the size to match the gift wrapping.)