Iron kettle for daily life

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Posted on November 17, 2021

"Incorporating the beauty of traditional Japanese casting into modern lifestyles" is the base of every product design in Chushin Kobo. 

Using the traditional techniques of over 950 years of Yamagata cast iron history, each product is made with care by the hands of skillful artisans. 

<Tea Kettle with Wooden Handle>

This kettle is designed especially to create "an iron kettle for easy use in everyday life" and received the Japanese Good Design Award in 2014.

It can be used with gas cooktop as well as induction cooktop, its enamel coated inner surface also makes it easier to wash by running water.

The water boiled with the kettle eliminates the chlorine from tap water and makes the taste of the water mild with a health benefit to consume iron naturally from the drink.

At our store we stock small sizes (1.1 L) in different handle colors: white oak / walnut.

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< Natsume Tea Pot >

Cast iron tea pot in the shape of Natsume. Natsume is a Japanese term for a fruit Jujube or Chinese date, that also means a container to keep matcha for tea ceremony.

We have three types of Natsume Tea Pot, blue, black and black with a wooden lid.

Minimalist black is the simplest and authentic that would best suit any interior, while bright blue is also a good color to stand out and it is very popular especially with overseas visitors at our Fushimi Inari store.

Combination of the iron body and wooden lid is quite unique, it has a beautiful feel of warmth in design yet is very practical, in a way that every feature of each material is fully functional : iron being preserving heat and wood as a material of low thermal conductivity. 

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Tea warmer or pot bed can also be used to bring the kettle or tea pot straight to the table.

These products can be used heavily in the coming winter season and would fit with your lifestyle as you use them daily.

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