Mother's Day Gift

Written by 朱SHU.


Posted on April 20, 2021

Mother's Day coming soon! 

Carnations are the gifts we will all would usually think of for Mother's Day, but in recent years, we often give them Mother's Day gifts that are not only flowers but alongside with their other gifts that they had their eyes on.

Here, we would like to introduce SHU.'S recommended products as the perfect gifts for Mother's Day ^^

Nowadays, masks are becoming essential of our daily life.  The cute Yuzen Japanese paper mask case is highly recommended as a small gift.

Anti-virus fiber is sewn in the inside of the mask case. It can be hand-wash and use repeatedly.

Would you like to pick a color or pattern that your mother likes and give it as a gift?


▶︎Mask Case(¥1,320) 

▶︎Mask Case Mini (¥1,100)

The soft-touch stole made of natural dyes and organic cotton which is great not only for spring and autumn, but also for sunshades and have the effect of cooling measures in the coming hot season.

It's small, cohesive and light, so it's definitely convenient to carry around even in a small bag ♩

A gift alongside with Vermillion's original tote bag, which is made of unbleached cotton that is environmentally friendly, will sure be appreciated.

There are L size, which is perfect for shopping bags, and S size, which is also popular use to carry lunch bags in Japan.;)

▶︎ORGANIC GARDEN | Bengala Stole Single Color / each color ¥ 6,380

▶︎ORGANIC GARDEN | Gauze Stole Unbleached cloth / ¥ 4,400

▶︎Vermillion | Inariyama Tote Bag S / ¥ 1,650

▶︎Vermillion | Inariyama Tote Bag L / ¥ 2,750

In addition, we have also started selling digital gift cards that allow the gift recipients to choose their favorite products from our online store!

It is a gift that help deliver the message "Thank you" and the fun of choosing their favorite present.

▶︎SHU. ONLINE STORE Digital Gift Card / ¥ 5,500-¥ 50,000



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