Product notes (Stole)

Notes on Stole

[Precautions for use]

・Make sure to use a laundry net during washing. 

・Do not use chlorine bleach or tumble dry. 

・This product is extremely delicate. Please be careful not to get it caught on anything.

[Notes on organic cotton]

・Organic cotton products are not washed with chemical agents or dyed with harmful substances, so the fabric itself may have cotton dregs, uneven colors, or peculiar smells.

In addition, because no bleach or harmful dye is used, the color may change due to sunlight or washing. 

・Depending on the product, there may be differences in shape and size, but please be aware that this is an inevitable part of the production process. 

・Tags and labels may contain hard materials. Please confirm before use, and take measures such as cutting off during use.