Sghr Mt. Fuji

Description of item

When you pour beer, you will see Mt. Fuji shining golden.

Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japanese beauty that is proud of the world.
The evening drink while enjoying the best scenery in Japan on the table is exceptional.

The charm of this glass is that you can enjoy various Mt. Fuji depending on the drink you pour.
If you add tomato juice to beer to make it red eye, you can make "Red Fuji" that is dyed in the morning sun.

Of course, not only for beer, but also for whiskey rock glasses.
It is also recommended as a glass for soft drinks, such as iced coffee or floating with juice.

The engraving on the bottom is also wonderful.

Sugahara craftsmen are working with all their heart, from glass molds to paulownia boxes.
The glass, which is about 1 mm thick and is evenly finished, is a gem that shines with skill.
The mouthfeel makes the beer even more delicious.

The same main unit price as Mt. Fuji at an altitude of 3,776m, "3,776 yen"
Even at the actual store of Zhu SHU., Customers often ask and talk about it!

Mt. Fuji glass in a paulownia box, perfect for a festive gift.
It is very popular and appreciated by foreigners.

Product Specifications

Made in Japan φ59 × H75mm 280ml
Microwave NO
Dishwasher NO
Oven NO
Direct fire NO
* We will deliver it in a special paulownia box.