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BON Square Tray

BON Square Tray

A simple square tray with a lacquered texture design.

Dishes can be arranged beautifully on the tray, and it is light enough to be carried with ease.

Available in two sizes, M and L. 

【Product Details】 

Size: M size: 255mm length x 255mm width x 17mm height    

        L size: 305mm x 305mm x 15mm 

Color: Black, beige 

Material: Urethane coating (surface) / ABS resin (base) 

Place of Origin: Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture 


・Stackable in a cupboard due to its resistance to peeling and scratching.   

・Due to hand painting by lacquer craftsmen, the texture and color of the lacquer may vary slightly from one piece to another. 


・Microwave: x Oven: x Dishwasher: x (Heat resistant up to 60°C)

・Avoid direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to water.

・Do not use a scrubber or polishing powder.

・When using the lacquerware with boiling water or high temperature at the beginning of use, it may have a distinct lacquer smell. The smell will naturally disappear after repeated use.

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Product Details

Mサイズ 縦255mm×横255mm×高さ17mm
Lサイズ 縦305mm×横305mm×高さ15mm

素材:ウレタン塗装(表面)/ ABS樹脂(素地)
使用範囲:オーブン× /食器洗浄機× /食器洗浄機 ×(耐熱温度60度)

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