“Kimono Stories” Letter Set


華やぎ(Type A)
うららか(Type B)

Kimono, the iconic traditional Japanese clothing.

Kimono are rarely worn as everyday clothes these days, but the kosode short-sleeved kimono were loved by women as everyday clothes during the Edo period (1603-1868).

Soshido has reimagined the style of the kosode into adorable writing paper.

The set includes cute little sealing stickers in a matching pattern for an adorable finishing touch!

The set can also be used as greeting cards - just imagine how happy friends anywhere around the world would be to hear from you on such an adorable design.

The beautiful design also lends itself to simply being displayed at home, elegantly matching any interior décor.

[ Product details ]
Set contains: Six kimono letter sets (two of each pattern), three side-opening envelopes, and three kimono design stickers
Design: 2 designs / Hanayagi (TypeA), Uraraka (TypeB)
Size: Package:152x170mm / Envelope:162×114mm /Letter paper:105x136mm (Made in Japan)