SAI Coloring Brush Pen 5 Color Set


Spring(Set A)
Summer(Set B)
Autumn(Set C)

Winter(Set D)
Luster(Set E)
Elegant(Set F)

These watercolor brushes use water-based inks that produce excellent colors and focus on beautiful traditional Japanese colors.

Five color set that is compact and portable.

You can use it in various ways such as watercolor painting, sketch, illustration, calligraphy and letter writing!

This item is also great as a gift, and also very popular among people from overseas!

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[ Product details ]
Ink color: All water-based dye ink

・Spring (Set A): Pink, madder, pale orange, yellow ocher, green blue
・Summer (Set B): Cerulean blue, indigo, yellow green, navy blue, brown
・Autumn (Set C): Vermilion, yellow, ultramarine, purple, burnt umber
・Winter (Set D): Rose red, magenta, dark green, gray, black
・Luster ( Set E): Cherry blossom, rose, orange, citron green, ever green
・Elegant (Set F): Pale coral, ecru beige, moss green, cyan, light purple

Size: Package: W55xD25xH175mm
Material: Animal hair, plastics (Nara/Made in Japan)

*They are in individual plastic cases.
*The pattern and color of the stick will be delivered randomly.
Please note that you cannot choose a specific model.
*Single use type. Please note that ink cannot be refilled.

[Product notes]
・When the ink output becomes weak, hold the tip face down for about two minutes.
・Do not shake it as it may cause ink leakage.
・Make sure to close the cap firmly when not in use.
・In the unlikely event that the tip dries, wash the tip with water, wipe off any moisture, cover with a cap and place downward for 2-3 days.
・Keep away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.