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A Biginner’s Guide to Japanese Tea

A Biginner’s Guide to Japanese Tea

This book introduces the charm of Japanese tea, including varieties and brewing methods. It explains the tea-making processes of each tea-producing region in Japan, including Uji, Shizuoka, and Kagoshima. Additionally, it provides information on specific tea varieties, such as Yabukita, Kohshun, Yamakai, Soufuu, and Asatsuyu, as well as the brewing methods for different types of tea, such as sencha and gyokuro. The book also describes the elegance and healthy benefits of Japanese tea, including its aroma and calming effects.

This book is recommended for beginners and is a great gift to accompany a Matcha Gift Set.

【 Contents 】
CHAPTER ONE: What is Japanese Tea?
CHAPTER TWO: What Gives Japanese Teas Their Distinctive Flavors?
CHAPTER THREE: Single Estate Japanese Tea
CHAPTER FOUR: Japan’s Main Tea Growing Regions
CHAPTER FIVE: How to Brew Japanese Tea
CHAPTER SIX: Japanese Teapots

【 Author Introduction 】
Oscar Brekell: A Japanese tea instructor and entrepreneur from Sweden. He became fascinated with Japanese tea in high school and studied Japanese at Lund University before studying in Gifu University. He was the first foreigner to obtain a qualification as a tea teacher and founded the Japanese tea brand “Oscar Brekell's Tea Selection” in 2018. Through lectures and seminars on Japanese tea, he aims to promote the culture of Japanese tea both in Japan and abroad. His notable works include "Zero Kara wakaru! Nihoncha no tanoshimi-kata" (World Culture), and "Bilingual Japanese Tea Book" (Tankosha).

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Author: Per Oscar Brekell
Publisher: TUTTLE Publishing
Language: English
Size: 15.24 x 1.27 x 22.86 cm / 96 P (Paper bag)
Issue date: 2021/10/27

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