Tea Caddy Marudutsu Black


This tea caddy is an original Chushin Kobo design and part of our family of tea accessories.

This tea caddy is made with Yamanaka Lacquerware's unique tategidori lengthwise-sawing technique.
Lengthwise sawing, in which wood is thinned along the direction in which it grew, is an optimal method of thinning that makes the best use of the essential characteristics of the wood.
In contrast to the regular crosswise-sawing technique, lengthwise sawing is more resistant to impact, stronger, deforms less, and is more suitable for products with a sealing lid such as the Natsume (container for macha) or tea caddies.

*The teapot was named after the shape of the fruit dates as the similar shape of thenteapot and the fruit.


[Product details]
Color: Black
Size: Φ95×H95mm
Material: Zelkova /Urethane Coating (Made in Japan)
Scope of use: Microwave -/ Dishwasher -/ Oven -/ Open fire -

Please check here for other precautions for use.
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