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Tea Caddy Marudutsu Black

Tea Caddy Marudutsu Black

This tea caddy is an original Chushin Kobo design and part of our family of tea accessories.

This tea caddy is made with Yamanaka Lacquerware's unique tategidori lengthwise-sawing technique.
Lengthwise sawing, in which wood is thinned along the direction in which it grew, is an optimal method of thinning that makes the best use of the essential characteristics of the wood.
In contrast to the regular crosswise-sawing technique, lengthwise sawing is more resistant to impact, stronger, deforms less, and is more suitable for products with a sealing lid such as the Natsume (container for macha) or tea caddies.

*The teapot was named after the shape of the fruit dates as the similar shape of thenteapot and the fruit.

→【Notes on products】

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Product Details

Color: Black
Size: Φ95×H95mm
Material: Zelkova /Urethane Coating (Made in Japan)
Scope of use: Microwave -/ Dishwasher -/ Oven -/ Open fire -

Notes on Products

[Product notes]
・The appearance of wood products may differ due to natural variations in the woodgrain.
・The wood used in product has been carefully dried, but environmental factors such as moisture may still cause distortion due to the inherent characteristics of the wood.
・The urethane used in this product is a one-part water-borne urethane, a highly safe, lead-free, odorless urethane which does not use solvents such as toluene or xylene.

The coating film meets the requirements of the Japanese Food Sanitation Act.

[Precautions for use]
・Do not immerse in water for an extended period.
・Doing so may cause deformation and discoloration.
・After use, wash as soon as possible, wipe off the moisture with a soft cloth, and wipe gently again with a dry soft cloth.
・Do not leave in extremely dry or humid conditions. Doing so may cause deformation and mold growth.
・Wipe off any oil or fingerprints with a soft cloth or paper.
・Do not use cleansers or abrasive cleaning tools such as scourers or scrubbing brushes as they may damage the coating film.
・Discontinue use if the coating peels off.
・Discontinue use if the product breaks or cracks.


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