Sghr スガハラ

COEDO × Sghr likka


Enjoy beer slowly and elegantly.

COEDO is a craft beer recognized worldwide.

This glass was created by the collaboration of Sghr Sugahara, with whom the “Beer Beautiful” concept struck a chord, and COEDO.

This beer glass exquisitely brings out the various features of beer.

Everything is beautiful—from the pattern of the glass, to the delicate reflection of the light, to the shadow that appears there.

The shop name logo is engraved on the bottom.

The sloped mouthpiece design is also stylish.

Drinking from the high side of the mouth allows you to enjoy the flavor of the beer flowing down without tilting your head too much, and enjoy the feeling of beer going down your throat.

If you drink from the opposite, low side, the glass covers your nose, so you can relax and enjoy the rich aromas.

The reason why the opening is cut diagonally is because of the craftsman's desire to enable the drinker to enjoy two flavors from the same beer.

In this special beer glass, the color of beer stands out, and beer can be enjoyed aromatically.

“Beautiful and delicious”—How about a treating yourself to a moment of indulgent relaxation?

Of course, this item is also great as a gift! Recommended not only as beer, but also as wine glass or rock glass.

[ Product details ]

Size: Φ65×H109mm / 370ml

Material: Glass (Made in Japan)

Scope of use: Microwave -/ Dishwasher -/ Oven -

*Delivered in a dedicated paper box.