Sghr スガハラ

COEDO × Sghr nido


Enjoy beer slowly and elegantly.

COEDO is a craft beer recognized worldwide.

This glass was created by the collaboration of Sghr Sugahara, with whom the “Beer Beautiful” concept struck a chord, and COEDO.

This beer glass exquisitely brings out the various features of beer.

Sghr Sugahara's craftsmen are dedicated to making everything from the glass mold to the attached box.

The glass, which is around 1 mm thick and has a uniform finish, is a masterpiece of sophisticated craftsmanship.

Its mouthfeel and stylish shape fit comfortably in your hand, making your beer taste even better.

This glass also pairs well with black beer.

Enjoy a blissful time with your favorite beverage, whether it be beer or something else.

[ Product details ]

Size: Φ60×H160mm / 230ml

Material: Glass (Made in Japan)

Scope of use: Microwave -/ Dishwasher -/ Oven -

*Delivered in a dedicated paper box.