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Fudan Series / Itsumo Cup



Lacquerware handmade by artisans in Fukui prefecture, which is famous for Echizen lacquerware.

Itsumo, meaning usually, all the time or always. 

This cup is made of lacquerware, yet it is easy to use, almost a multi purpose cup.

Thus, it iwas named Istumo Cup as it can be used all the time.

The Fudan series Itsumo Cup is suitable for hot drinks such as coffee or alcohol cut with hot water.

Compared to ceramic or glass cups, wooden cups retain heat, so they are less likely to cool, and the heat of the drink is less likely to reach the hands, allowing the user to hold the cup without worrying about high temperatures.

MR multi-roll lacquer, which is made of lacquer with a fine molecular structure, dries quickly and can be finished beautifully only by skilled craftspeople. This special lacquer is dishwasher-safe and is for everyday use with an emphasis on practicality.

The inside of a normal wooden lacquerware bowl will burn and turn white if hot soup is poured in every day, but this series of lacquerware uses multi-roll lacquer, which has high durability against hot temperatures, so the color of the inner lacquer does not change and can be used for extended periods in pristine condition.

○ The lacquer is resistant to peels and scratches, meaning it can be stacked and stored in the cupboard.

○ Because of its high heat retention and insulation properties, it is especially suitable for hot drinks and food.

○ The longer it is used, the more glossy the lacquer becomes.

○ Since this item is hand-painted by lacquer craftspeople, the texture and color of each lacquer may differ slightly.

[ Product details ]

Color: 5colors / *Tame, *Ginshu, Blue, Yellow, Peach blossom

*Tame is a transparent reddish brown color that is nearly black.

*Ginshu is a slightly yellowish red color that is a little darker red than vermilion. 

Size: Φ88xH90mm / 350ml


[Surface coating] Multi-roll lacquer

[Type of base material] Molded wood flour and melamine resin product (Echizen lacquerware/ Made in Japan)

Scope of use: Microwave -/ Oven -/ Dishwasher, Dryer ✔︎/ Stacking ✔︎ 

*Tamari: That comes out by layering transparent brown lacquer on the base (colors such as vermilion, red, and yellow).

*Ginshu: It has a vivid red that bought slightly yellowish.

[Product notes]

・Cannot be used in microwave ovens or ovens.

・Do not store in direct sunlight or water for a long period of time.

・Avoid using a scourer or polishing powder.

・When using lacquerware with hot water or high temperature at the beginning of use, the distinct smell of lacquer may come out. This smell will naturally disappear after repeated use. 

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