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j cocomo

【Gift-wrapped】Fudan Series / Otona-wan set (Set of 2)

【Gift-wrapped】Fudan Series / Otona-wan set (Set of 2)

Lacquerware handmade by artisans in Fukui prefecture, which is famous for Echizen lacquerware.

Otona, meaning adult in japanese.

The Fudan series Otonawan is a standard soup bowl with a simple shape that will never get boring and is durable enough to be used every day.

MR multi-roll lacquer, which is made of lacquer with a fine molecular structure, dries quickly and can be finished beautifully only by skilled craftspeople.
This special lacquer is dishwasher-safe and is for everyday use with an emphasis on practicality.

The inside of a normal wooden lacquerware bowl will burn and turn white if hot soup is poured in every day, but this series of lacquerware uses multi-roll lacquer, which has high durability against hot temperatures, so the color of the inner lacquer does not change and can be used for extended periods in pristine condition.

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→j cocomo | Fudan series Otona-wan

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Product Details

[ Set contains ]
・j cocomo | Fudan Series Otona-wan x2(Ginshu/Vermilion・Tame/Black one each)
※Provided with logo printed box.

[ j cocomo | Fudan Series / Otona-wan ]
Color: 2colors / *Tame, *Ginshu
*Tame is a transparent reddish brown color that is nearly black.
*Ginshu is a slightly yellowish red color that is a little darker red than vermilion.
Size: Φ120xH68mm / 400ml
[Surface coating] Multi-roll lacquer
[Type of base material] Molded wood flour and melamine resin product
(Echizen lacquerware/ Made in Japan)
Scope of use: Microwave -/ Oven -/ Dishwasher, Dryer ✔︎/ Stacking ✔︎

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・Provided with logo printed box.
・This is a gift-wrapped product.


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