1616/arita japan

【Gift-wrapped】 TY Palace Plate Gray 110 and small fork pair


Ultramarine blue

■1616/arita japan | TY Palace Plate Gray 110

Plates made for the Palace Hotel.
This item is characterized by its matte texture with a chrysanthemum flower motif. It can be stacked, meaning it can be conveniently stored regardless of quantity. Just layering creates a stylish interior.
Size 110 can also be used as a tray for sweets to enjoy with tea or accessories.

■“Copenhagen Collection” Small Fork

Use as a dessert fork for cakes and fruits. It is also a convenient size for short pasta and mini salads.

[ Set contents ]
*This is a gift-wrapped set of small plates and small forks.
・1616/arita japan | TY Palace Plate Gray 110 x2
・KOHCHOSAI KOSUGA | “Copenhagen Collection” Small Fork x2

[ Product details:TY Palace Plate Gray 110 ]
[ 110 ] Φ110×H20mm
Material: Ceramics (Arita ware/Made in Japan)
Scope of use: Microwave ○/ Oven ○/ Dishwasher ○

[ Product details: “Copenhagen Collection” Small Fork]
Size : 3cm x 14cm
Material :Moso bamboo / Urethane coating
Dishwasher: x Dish dryer: x

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