Bizen Mug



Bizen earthenware cups available in three colors, made by kneading pigment into local Bizen clay.

These delicate colors are achieved by gradually kneading each pigment into the clay, one at a time.

This fine quality Hiyose clay is worked carefully to remove impurities, resulting in a smooth yet porous surface for each piece.

Recommended as a gift—comes in a decorative box.

[Product Details]

Colors: Ultramarine, Golden, Turquoise

Size: Φ90mm x 80mm height; approx. 300ml volume

Material: Bizen pottery (Made in Japan)

Scope of use: Microwave ✓/Dishwasher ✓/Gas cooktop ✗

[Usage Notes] 

*Please wash gently with detergent and dry completely, just like with other kitchenware. 

*Please dry completely after each use—if the vessel stays wet, mold growth can occur, as there are fine pores on surface of the cup. Be careful if using heavily scented detergent—scent transfer onto the cup can potentially occur.

*Product can be microwaved for general purposes such as warming drinks. 

*Before use, it is recommended to dip or rinse the vessel in water. This helps prevent scent transfer and staining.