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Asanoha Mark Coaster


Yellow cedar
Japanese cedar

This coaster is made in the shape of a hemp leaf using the traditional craft of "Kumiko".

Hemp grows in a straight line, and thus the coaster expresses a wish for the healthy growth of children.

The triangular shape has also long been associated with the meaning of repelling evil spirits, and the pattern of hemp leaves in aggregate has long been known as a pattern of good luck.

Kumiko, a traditional woodworking technique handed down from the Asuka period, combines pieces of wood without using nails to create geometric patterns, and has been used in Japanese-style rooms for transoms and shoji screens.

The simple, palm-sized shape can be used as an ornament, coaster, or for any other purpose you like. 


・Yellow cedar

The yellowish color of this wood changes easily with age, and refinement will increase over time. The grain of the wood is hardly noticeable, and individual differences are not so noticeable. It is recommended when you want to have several pieces.

・Japanese cedar 

The reddish color gives this hemp leaf a chic impression. The grain is clear and individual differences are noticeable, so you will want to carefully choose your own favorite. 

 【Product Details】

Material: Yellow cedar/ Japanese cedar 

Size: 125mm Diameter, 13mm Thickness 

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Please be aware that because this is a natural material, ring marks may appear.

Please do not wash it with water. If stains appear, please wipe them off with a stiff cloth.

Please be careful not to leave water droplets on the surface for a long time as they may cause damage to the material.

After use, do not put it away immediately, dry it in a well-ventilated place. Please avoid direct sunlight.