J LIFE gifts

J LIFE gifts is the interior brand of traditional crafts KUMIKO. With manufacturing know-how built up for over 50 years as a domestic manufacture and with confidence in quality that will last through long years of use, we hope to continue cooperating to create goods with a view toward future lifestyles.

KUMIKO is a japanese traditional skill in which tiny wooden parts are assembled by hand. It was used for decoration in Japanese traditional houses. All of the wood is finished with grooves and holes through a unique process, to avoid the use of nails. Ten years, craftsmen have to spend to achieve the level to create such high-end crafts.

The linear geometric patterns, numbering over 200 types, are said to have been inspired by nature. Its universal beauty, simple yet always fresh, has remained beloved throughout the times. Its wood material has brought peace of mind to the lifestyles of people of every era; lifestyles founded on wood have now taken root in modern times as well. To create items that will be long-loved into the future, we will further treasure forms that have come down to the present age.

J LIFE gifts
Asanoha Mark Coaster
J LIFE gifts
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