Kitpas Little artist set


About Kitpas:
Kitpas is a safe and eco-friendly brand of drawing materials that uses rice wax extracted from rice bran, a by-product of rice milling, as its main ingredient. Its crayons come in an easy-to-use paper tube design and can be used to draw on windows and glass with ease. These drawings can also be easily wiped off with a damp cloth, making clean-up effortless. Kitpas crayons can also be used on regular paper and offer a soft drawing experience, making them an ideal choice even for children with weak hand pressure. When used with water, they can be combined to create new colors, with limitless possibilities for creativity.

This Kitpas bag contains a wealth of creative possibilities. The accompanying "Playbook" contains a variety of ideas, ranging from basic drawing techniques to more advanced designs. This bag is an ideal gift choice with its unique tote, made in Bangladesh from natural jute fibers, featuring Fair Trade craftsmanship. The purchase of a single bag provides enough funds to buy approximately 0.5 kg of rice in Bangladesh, which is their primary staple food.


[ Product details ]
Size: W270×H230×D50mm

- Kitpas 16 colors
- Water brush
- Reversible panel (A5 size)
- Cloth
- Playbook
- Esora board
- Stencil sponge
- Stencil sheet

- Kitpas: (Tube body) Wax, pigment (Inner divider) Polyethylene terephthalate
- Water brush: (Body) Polypropylene (Water tank) Polyethylene
- Reversible panel: (Body) Polyethylene (Surface film) Polyethylene terephthalate
- Esora: Polyethylene
- Stencil sponge: Polypropylene, sponge
- Stencil sheet: Stone paper



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