YURI - LIGHT (Little / Small)



Inspired by an ancient Japanese pattern, this bowl is shaped like the outline of a flower. 

Each dish is individually brushed with silver powder and baked, and its elegant luster enhances the tabletop setting.

Each piece is wrapped in special packaging, making it a great gift.

The “Little” is suitable for use as a plate for nuts and other snacks, condiments, and sauce.

The “Small” size is useful as a serving plate or a plate for snacks.


【Please check before purchase】

The silver powder is baked on the dish. 

It may discolor over time or turn black due to sulfurization when exposed to high-temperature food or wet food. (It reacts especially with egg whites, vinegar, etc.)

In the case of discoloration due to aging, commercially available silver polish or a melamine sponge can be used to restore the shine.

These products can't be used in either dishwasher and microwave ovens.

Please avoid using bleach-based products.When stacking, place a piece of kitchen paper ( or similar) between the layers to prevent scratching.



Material: Porcelain, silver powder (Kyoyaki, Kiyomizuyaki)

Size: 95mm

Weight: 82g

Microwave:× Dishwasher:× Oven:×


Material: Porcelain and silver powder (Kyoyaki, Kiyomizuyaki)


Weight: 123g

Microwave:× Dishwasher:× Oven:×

*Size and weight are approximate dimensions.