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YURI LIGHT (Little / Small) 9.5-15cm

YURI LIGHT (Little / Small) 9.5-15cm

Inspired by an ancient Japanese pattern, this bowl is shaped like the outline of a flower.

Each dish is individually brushed with silver powder and baked, and its elegant luster enhances the tabletop setting.

Each piece is wrapped in special packaging, making it a great gift.

The “Little” is suitable for use as a plate for nuts and other snacks, condiments, and sauce.
The “Small” size is useful as a serving plate or a plate for snacks.

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Product Details

Size/ Weight: ■Little 95mm/82g ■Small 150mm/123g
Material: Porcelain and silver powder (Kyoyaki, Kiyomizuyaki)
Scope of use: Microwave -/ Dishwasher -/ Oven -

*Size and weight are approximate dimensions.

Notes on Products

- The silver powder is baked on the dish.

- It may discolor over time or turn black due to sulfurization when exposed to high-temperature food or wet food. (It reacts especially with egg whites, vinegar, etc.)

- In the case of discoloration due to aging, commercially available silver polish or a melamine sponge can be used to restore the shine.

- These products can't be used in either dishwasher and microwave ovens.

- Please avoid using bleach-based products.

- When stacking, place a piece of kitchen paper ( or similar) between the layers to prevent scratching.


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Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping is available for 350 yen per packet.
*In the case of 【Gift-wrapped】 items, they are already wrapped.

・On the cart confirmation screen, please check the "Request gift wrapping" checkbox.
・Alternatively, please select "Add to Cart" from the gift wrapping page.

Please tick in "Request gift wrapping" on the right side of the cart, and if necessary, fill in the wrapping details in "Order special instructions" on the left side of the cart and proceed to checkout.
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