YURI - SKY (Little / Small)



Inspired by an ancient Japanese pattern, this vessel is shaped like the outline of a flower.

 The matte texture of the bowl and the shimmering titanium crystals combine in harmony, with the natural colors overlapping each other.

These products can be used both in dishwashers and microwave ovens.Each piece is wrapped in special packaging, making it a great gift.

The “Little” is suitable for use as a plate for nuts and other snacks, condiments, and sauce.

The “Small” size is useful as a plate for serving snacks and sweets. 


 Material: Porcelain and glaze (Kyoyaki・Kiyomizuyaki)

Size: 95mm diameters

Weight: 97g

Microwave: ○ Dishwasher: ○ Oven: ×


 Material: Porcelain and glaze (Kyoyaki and Kiyomizuyaki)

Size:150mm diametersWeight: 145g

Microwave:○ Dishwasher:○ Oven:×

*Size and weight are approximate dimensions.