Gorgeous and auspicious red and black chopsticks with a circular window painted on the handle.

The two half-circles on each handle form a perfect circle when they come together, making these chopsticks a perfect gift for a wedding or for a married couple.

These thin and lightweight bamboo chopsticks are non-slip and gentle on the palate, making it easier to enjoy your meal.Kochosai Kosuga considers the 3cm tip to be the life of the chopsticks, and are particular about designing chopsticks that can beautifully pick up small grains of rice or hard-to-pickl-up beans.

Please use them for New Year's Osechi dishes, celebrations, and other special occasions.

The gift set of two pairs of chopsticks is recommended as a gift.

【Product Details】
Size: 23cm
Weight :10g
Material :Moso bamboo (urethane coating)
Usage range : Dishwasher ×, Microwave ×

Due to the use of natural materials, there may be slight variations in size, color, and shape. Please note before purchasing.