colon Teapot White Porcelain


This beautifully white pot has a cute, round and cylindrical form.

miyama.’s white porcelain clay contains a high amount of feldspar and silica stone.
Because of this, during baking, the molten glass fills the small cavities and hardens without gaps.
As smooth as glass, dirt can be easily removed, allowing for clean use.


[ Product details ]
Size: 173x120xH73mm / 320ml
Material: white porcelain (Mino ware / Made in Japan)
Scope of use: Microwave -/ Dishwasher -/ Open fire -
*Comes with stainless steel tea strainer.


[Product notes]
・Always wash with cold or lukewarm water when using it for the first time.
・After use, please remove dirt as soon as possible, and store after thoroughly drying.
・Avoid using scrub brush or polishing powder.
・For safety reasons, do not use this product if it contains cracks or fissures, as it may break unexpectedly.