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Ordi bibelot ear cuff 01

Ordi bibelot ear cuff 01

Ordi bibelot is a small ornament to share in your everyday life. Ordi bibelot ear cuff is made of cast metal with surgical stainless steel, a material with low allergenic properties.

Surgical stainless steel has excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. It is also used in medical tools such as scalpels. The texture of the cast metal and the simple ring-shaped design can be paired with existing accessories. It is suitable for all ages and genders.

The silver version is made of silver with a surface finish that gives it a different texture. The gold version is also made of materials used in the medical field.

The gold is treated with an oxidized coloring process that is also used in the medical field to create a color with an oxide film. This process also improves its allergenic properties and resistance to corrosion.

The color of the gold changes depending on the angle viewed by using light reflection and refraction. The oxide film is characterized by its ability to produce a variety of colors.

Double-strand type design is also available.

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Product Details

Material:Stainless steel
Finish:mirror polishing
Made in Japan

This product is made of surgical stainless steel.
Surgical stainless steel, recognized for excellent corrosion resistance and rust resistance, is commonly used in medical tools, including scalpels. The presence of small surface depressions is a characteristic of the casting process and does not affect the quality or functionality of the product.

Notes on Products

・Exclusive branded box
・We do not accept exchanges for this product when purchased from overseas.

<Safety Precautions>
・Allergy Information: Important Usage Notes Surgical stainless steel is known for its reduced likelihood of causing metal allergies, but it annot guarantee immunity from allergic reactions. Individual factors such as personal constitution, usage habits, and maintenance conditions may influence allergic reactions. If you experience any skin discomfort while using the product,we recommend discontinuing use immediately.
・Do not use this product when you have skin problems.
・Do not use this product directly on open wounds, swollen or inflamed areas, and skin eruptions.

<Precautions for Use>
・This product is an accessory for adults. Do not use this product for any purpose other than its intended use.
・Do not wear this product in hot an humid places such as saunas or in cold places such as ski resorts. The product may cause burns or frostbite.
・Do not use this product if it is damaged, deformed or does not function properly.
・Do not expose the surface to hard or sharp objects as this may scratch the surface.
・Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

・Wipe with a dry cloth.
・If the surface is heavily soiled, wash it gently with a soft sponge using a commercially available neutral detergent.
・Wipe with a soft cloth and dry to remove all moisture.
・Do not wash in hot water or keep the product in water.
・Do not use acid or alkaline detergents.
・Do not use cleansers, metal brushes, steel wool, etc.


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