Ordi Choko and Katakuchi set


Functional and neutral tin cup that blends softly into everyday life, made by Ordi, a metalwork specialist with tin sake cup over 400 years of history.

This Tin cast sake cup is made with the casting technology of Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, a city of art.

Tin is said to keep water longer and give it a mellower taste and has been used for eating and drinking since ancient times. You can use it not only for sake but also for other beverages. It is made with casting technology using high-purity tin (99.99%: Four Nine). (* A manufacturing method in which molten metal is poured into a mold and solidified.)

→Ordi Choko
→Ordi Katakuchi

[Product details]
Size:Choko W56×D56×H48mm
Katakuchi W95×D95×H65mm
Weight:Choko 97g
Katakuchi 245g
Volume:Choko 70ml
Katakuchi 260ml
Material: Tin (Purity 99.99%: Four Nine)
Made in Japan
Scope of use:Microwave -/ Dishwasher -/ Oven -/ Open fire -
*paulownia decorative box

Please check here for other precautions for use.
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