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Ordi tin plate 15cm

Ordi tin plate 15cm

Ordi tin plate is a cast tin plate.

Tin has long been used for eating and drinking utensils. It can be used for various purposes by placing food or small articles on it. High-purity tin is used, which can be easily bent and stretched by hand, despite being a metal.

The 15cm square-shaped plate can be used for a single dish or as a tray for small items. The corners can be bent or flattened in an original arrangement to suit your lifestyle.

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Product Details

permanent hair line finish (PHL)
Scope of use: Microwave -/ Dishwasher -/ Oven - / Open fire -
Made in Japan

Notes on Products

・Exclusive branded box
・We do not accept exchanges for this product when purchased from overseas.
・This product is made of 99.99% tin.
・The properties of tin allow it to be bent and stretched despite being a metal.
・You may find small dents on the surface.
・They are made through manufacturing processes, not defects.

<Precautions for Use>
・This product is a multi-purpose tray. Do not use this product for any purpose other than its intended use.
・Do not bend sharply. The product is so flexible that can bend with little force, but can not bend like paper. Bend slowly in a circular motion.
・Bending repeatedly causes metal fatigue, which may become prone to breakage.
・Do not place directly over a fire as it is a metal with a low melting point.
・Do not use in microwave or oven.
・Do not store in the freezer compartment of a refrigerator.
・Use on a horizontal surface.
・Fraction may scratch the surface of the product.
・Keep out of reach of children and pets.

<Precautions for Use>
・Wipe with a dry cloth.
・If the surface is heavily soiled, wash it gently with a soft sponge using a commercially available neutral detergent.
・Wipe with a soft cloth and dry to remove all moisture.
・Do not wash in a dishwasher.
・Do not wash in hot water or keep the product in water.
・Do not use acid or alkaline detergents.
・Do not use cleansers, metal brushes, steel wool, etc.


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