S&B Deep Plate 130 Light Brown/Red


It is said that Japan's first ceramics were made in Arita Town, Saga Prefecture in 1616.

"1616/arita japan" was named after this.

The 1616/S & B "Colour Porceline" series, made by creative director designer Teruhiro Yanagihara and the Dutch-born product duo Scholten & Baijings, features modern and highly functional shapes and Arita's unique coloring.

This plate can also be used as a tray for sweets to enjoy with tea or accessories.

[ Product details ]

Size: Φ128xH20mm

Material: Ceramics (Arita ware/Made in Japan)

Scope of use: Microwave ✔︎/ Oven -/ Dishwasher ✔︎