Sghr スガハラ

Dedicated Gift Box (Various)



Sghr Sugahara's exclusive gift box.
Please order according to your application.

We will deliver this box wrapped in wrapping paper.
(Wrapping the wrapping paper for this box is free.)

* When ordering this box, please be careful not to select [Gift Wrapping (¥ 350)] in the shopping cart.

[BOX size]
・ Sghr Sugahara Duo Old glass pair only (D115 × W235 × H110mm)
→ Click here for Duo Old Glass Pair Only (Paulownia box)

・ Sghr Sugahara Duo Tokkuri 1 piece, Choco 2 pieces only (D200 x W240 x H100mm)
・ Sghr Sugahara "en" Katakuchi 1 piece, Choco 2 pieces set only (D115 x W235 x H110mm)
・ Sghr Sugahara Bamboo glass 3 pieces only (D160 × W330 × H950mm)
・ Sghr Sugahara Kanazawa Tokkuri 1 piece, Guinomi 2 pieces only (D170 x W190 x H100mm)

(Paper / Made in Japan)