Nandina Red Seal Book


Dark Gray

A Nanten (sacred bamboo) pattern is now available in the popular red seal book with Kyo Yuzen paper on the cover.

Nanten (Nandina) bears red berries from late autumn to winter.

The word "nanten" can be read as "difficult turn" and has been popular since ancient times as a good omen.

In the language of flowers, it means "good family" or “my love will only increase”.

Each piece is handmade by craftsmen using thick washi paper with accordion style binding, making it resistant to ink through.

It can be used at both temples and shrines.

【Product Details】

Number of pages: 22 single-sided pages / 44 front and back pages, with 2 title stickers

Size: 120mm length x 180mm width

Materials: Japanese paper / polyester

Color :Gold / Dark gray / Blue


Depending on the way the fabric is folded, there may be slight variations in the pattern, placement, shape, or color.Please note before purchasing.