Old Japanese tales handed down from generation to generation.

The book is written in English and features Japanese cultural lessons, values and humor for readers all over the world.

There are many stories that Japanese have been familiar with since childhood, such as Momotaro, Issun-boshi, Straw Millionaire, and Bunbuku Chagama.

Features heartwarming illustrations with a somewhat nostalgic touch. This edition commemorates the 60th year anniversary of the publishing.

[List of featured works] Momotaro(Peach Boy), Bunbuku Chagama(The Magic Teakettle), Saru to Suzume(Monkey-Dance and Sparrow-Dance), Tengu no Hanashi(The Long-Nosed Tengus), Tsuki to Usagi(The Rabbit in the Moon), Shitakiri Suzume(The Tongue-Cut Sparrow), Shujinko ha Saburo(Silly Saburo), Chinchin Kobakama(The Toothpick Warriors), Tottsuku Hittsuku(The Sticky-Sticky Pine), Kumo ga Kumo wo Unda Hanashi(The Spider Weaver), Issun-boshi(Little One-Inch), Tengu no Uchiwa(The Tanuki and the Magic Fan), Warashibe choja(Mr. Lucky Straw), Kurage no Hone(Why the Jellyfish Has No Bones), Hanasaka Jisan(The Old Man Who Made Trees Blossom), Sarukani Gassen(The Crab and the Monkey), Oni no Tsukumozuka(The Ogre and the Rooster), Inaba no Shirousagi(The Rabbit Who Crossed the Sea), Kasa Jizo(The Grateful Statues), Saru no O ha Naze Mijikai(The Bobtail Monkey)

[ Product details ]
Author: Florence Sakade
Illustrator: Yoshisuke Kurosaki
Publisher: TUTTLE Publishing
Language: English
Size: 262x262mm / 112p (Hardcover)
Issue date: November 2012