A photobook covering 100 of the most important places to travel in Japan today, including 22 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is now available.

After explaining unique Japanese popular culture such as festivals, hot springs, izakaya, and technology, the book introduces the history and cultural characteristics of each area such as Mt. Fuji, Naoshima's modern art, Niseko's ski resorts, and the Tohoku region, as well as how to enjoy the unique travel experiences of each area.

This book delights the readers with beautiful pictures of various sides of Japan, from its living traditions such as shrines and Japanese gardens to the new culture seen in cities, and other attractions of Japan that cannot be found in ordinary guidebooks.

In addition to maps of each area, it is packed with useful information for travelers to Japan, such as recommended walking courses!

The author, Japan-based Rob Goss, is an award-winning travel writer.

As well as this book, he is also the author of the Tuttle Travel Pack series, in addition to many popular classics such as Tokyo: Capital of Cool and Japanese Inns and Hot Springs.

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Author: Rob Goss
Publisher: Charles E. Tuttle Publishing
Language: English
Size: 213x213mm / 144p (Hardcover)
Issue date: November 2017