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UMI means “sea” in Japanese. It has a silhouette that looks like a rectangular shape and a straight horizontal line when seen from the side.

Rice bowls and soup bowls are often used at Japanese dining tables. The BOWL series is designed to make traditional vessels with limited uses into more versatile vessels. When designing this bowl, I imagined the sea (UMI) and tried to create a straight, square silhouette of the horizon when viewing the vessel from the side. Lacquerware with a lacquer coating makes the wood grain stand out. Lacquer is a natural paint collected from trees and one of its attractions is that it can be used safely for a long time compared to alternatives such as urethane paint.

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Product Details

Size: Φ120mm×65mm / 380ml
Color: 2 colors / Black, Brown
Weight: 120g
Material: Japanese cypress, Japanese lacquer
Scope of use: Microwave -/ Dishwasher -/ Open fire -

Notes on Products

Lacquerware excels at keeping temperature. Lacquerware itself does not get hot easily, so it is suitable for serving hot dishes.
Please avoid putting freshly boiled items into the lacquerware as it can damage it. It is fine to put food that is at a temperature suitable for eating. Please avoid leaving food in the container for a long time as a storage container, and it is not suitable for storing in the refrigerator. Do not leave the lacquerware in the water for an extended period of time. Please avoid polishing the lacquerware with abrasive cleaners or using a scrubbing brush. It is recommended to use a soft sponge with a neutral kitchen detergent to wash the lacquerware. After washing, it is better to wipe it with a cloth than letting it dry naturally. When stacking the lacquerware, it is recommended to stack them together.


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