Vermillion drip bag (5 bags)


You can enjoy the taste of coffee served at Vermillion-cafe. At home.

Vermillion original house blend coffee with richness and sweetness like bitter sweet chocolate that spreads from the moment you put it in your mouth, and a gorgeous aroma and sharp acidity that comes out of your nose.

Click here for the coffee cups used by Vermillion
→ [1616 / arita japan] TY Coffee Cup Handle White

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[Product Details]
Regular coffee (powder)
Raw bean producing countries: Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia
Medium finely ground 12g (1 cup)
Degree of roasting: Medium-deep roasting

● How to put delicious.
[What to prepare] Kettle, scale, favorite cup, 1 drip bag
1. Set the drip bag in the cup.
2. Pour 30g of hot water around 90 ℃ and steam for 30 seconds.
3. After steaming, pour another 120g of hot water.
4. When the hot water has run out, take the drip bag and you're done.

* A video of how to insert is available on YouTube.
Easy with a drip bag! How to make authentic hot coffee

Enjoy Vermillion coffee at home while watching the video.

[Notes on products]
・Store in a cool place, avoiding high temperature and humidity.
・Please consume immediately after opening.